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The Purpose of the Expanded Triadic Model is to

Discover Your Potential and Possibility to Experience Love Without Limits.


Queen Bee
Dr. Susan Kaye

Dr. Susan Kaye began her career working with the pioneers of Sex Research, Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson. After four decades of experience in the field of sexology, she continues to stand by, speak for, and teach Masters and Johnson's Body Mind Healing Process.

Her formal education in teaching, sexology, and psychology has led to the development of the Expanded Triadic Model (ETM) modality. ETM provides client centered care for anyone who struggles to live in full expression of their sensual self.    

Dr. Susan Kaye instituted Integrative Mind-Body Therapies (IMBT) in order to establish a therapeutic center that offers harmonious solutions to the shame, fear, or guilt that nearly all walk with in relation to their mind-body disconnect


Integrative Mind-Body Therapies 

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